MBB’s track record in project delivery is extensive, and with a team of highly experienced professionals at hand we are able to supplement your project to meet its targets. We understand the project lifecycle, and will add value to your project in the following areas:

Planning & Programming
We have a team of resources available to provide project programming services on both a regular or one off basis. We can provide an earned value analysis of your programs, as well status reports showing areas of program slippage, trends and advice on problem areas.

Design Management
We understand that design management is not just about managing a consultant to produce designs through to IFC. Our design management process involves creating design packages linked to a project’s procurement schedule, and then running a series of value engineering workshops per design package.

MBB can develop a procurement strategy tailored to your project. With extensive experience in procurement, our team are able to implement a structure that enables projects to realise the full potential of buying gains permissible in the market. This concise approach captures the most value, and can be systematically implemented across all procurement packages.

Cost Engineering
At MBB, we know how critical cost management is to the success of a project. With extensive experience in cleaning up problem projects, we can help implement measures to prevent project cost overruns. Our rigorous approach to cost planning, tracking, reporting and controlling, as well as our independent analysis of project forecasts will ensure certainty in your project’s cost position.

R&O Monitoring
MBB can independently look at your project’s R&O schedule, and can status this schedule with real-time information detailing risks and opportunities as they materialise or are mitigated. This process will assist project teams to better allocate contingency allowances.

Commercial Support
At MBB we appreciate that projects always have a need for high quality people to manage commercial matters. Good contract administration and commercial management are an integral characteristic of successful projects. MBB can assist your projects both short or long term, in particular providing commercial support around negotiating terms, risk assessing sub contracts, letting and managing sub contracts, assessing claims, winding up problem contracts and contract close out. For more information, see our commercial page here.


Projects cannot achieve practical completion without full closure of lots packages, RFI’s and NCR’s. MBB can help your project manage problem NCR’s and push the close-out of RFI’s through the systems, to ensure lot closures are being achieved at the highest possible rate. We can also undertake independent quality audits on the ground for various works packages, to mitigate the risk of defects appearing post completion.

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